WC Qualifier Rules

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WC Qualifier Rules

Postby Cerumol » Sun 25. Mar 2018, 21:41

What Is It?

Cyanide are running a Blood Bowl World Cup in BB2 on PC format. This tournament will consist of qualifiers hosted by a variety of leagues in the community with a total of 64 coaches winning a ticket to enter the finals stage. These qualifiers will begin in April and potentially run upto the end Of July. Twitch Blood Bowl League has been selected as an host for a qualifying tournament. There will be one ticket available from this qualifying tournament.

Can I Enter?

The Twitch Blood Bowl League qualifier is open to all current and new TBBL coaches. There are a couple of exceptions to this: If you have been banned from TBBL you would not be eligible to enter, and if you are under the age of 18 you may not enter. If you are a US coach aged 18-21 you require authorisation from a parent/guardian.

How Do I Enter?

You need to register on our forum and sign up here: http://www.twitchbbl.com/forum/viewtopi ... 70f#p14799 You can contact league admins on discord here https://discord.gg/eBrj9mv with any questions about registration.

The deadline for registration is 13th April 2018, the qualification tournament will begin shortly after this and be complete by end of June

Tournament Rules

Signing Up

1. We look to have a high level of conduct throughout the league, and it is coaches responsibility to ensure they are familiar with and follow the rule-set.
2. When you sign up you are committing to playing one match a week for the duration of the tournament.


3. Verbal abuse, racist comments, religious hatred, homophobia, offensively sexist and other negative behavior will not be tolerated. This includes the naming of your teams, players and stadiums.
4. We are keen to ensure coaches approach the game and TBBL with a good attitude. Blood Bowl is a game that will frustrate you and treat you unfairly. When that happens do not blame your opponent. They have as much control over the dice rolls as you do. Do not confuse the game with the coach. If things are not going your way do not lash out at your opponent.
5. TBBL is a competitive league. Coaches are expected to play competitively for the duration of each match. SPP farming and match rigging between coaches will not be tolerated. It is ok to make a decision to keep your players prone after your team has taken a battering to prevent damage while your opponent may choose to pass the ball or handoff to particular players to build SPPs in the right place. However, discussions such as ‘if you dont block me I will not move my players, instead I will click end turn and let you score’ are frowned upon and would be viewed as match rigging.
6. You cannot reroll your team. You are expected to play for the full tournament even if you can no longer qualify. Even if results go against you and you consider your team unplayable, you are expected to show up for matches. Failure to complete the tournament will lead to a ban. This information will be shared with other leagues in the community.

Your Team

7. Your team can be built with a treasury of 1200. This is to purchase players and backroom staff, but no skills. You can then allocate 5 normal skills and 1 double skill to players on your team. You may give any individual player a maximum of 2 skills.
8. New teams must field a minimum of 11 players.
9. Mixed teams may not be used in the the WC qualifier.
10. Stadium enhancements may not be purchased.

Tournament Structure

11. Teams will be placed in a six team round robin division. The top two teams will progress to a knockout tournament.
12. Wild card places for the knockout tournament will be allocated as needed to ensure even numbers in the knockout stage of the qualifier (8 teams, 16 teams, 32 teams, 64 teams etc).
13. Division positions will be decided by pts scored (3 for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a defeat) followed by the following tie breakers:
• Head to head
• TD Differential
• Cas Differential
• Coin Flip

This is a standard development style tournament - this means you will gain SPPs, skill players and suffer injuries from game to game.

Match Days (MD)

14. Match days will last for seven days and be rolled on Mondays at 23:00 UTC.
15. TBBL admins will advance the MD ingame and endeavor to post MD threads the day before the week rolls. Once these are completed, you will be informed via Discord.
16. Coaches are responsible for scheduling their matches and are expected to contact their opponents in a timely manner. You are expected to post by Thursday 23:00 UTC.
17. Coaches need to offer at least two slots for your match. These are expected to be evening or weekends.
18. Coaches may use a variety of methods to arrange their matches (forum, Discord, Steam), but we strongly encourage you to use the forum. All admin decisions will be based exclusively on information provided on the forums.
19. When scheduling, coaches are to use the UTC time standard and 24-hour clock (e.g. 20:00 UTC)
20. If you are unable to play at your agreed time, you must contact your opponent and admin team (post in MD thread and contact on discord)
21. If you do not post within three days of the MD starting and the game goes unplayed the result will be adminned 2-1 to your opponent.
22. Coaches are expected to be in-game at the agreed time. 20 minutes is considered a reasonable time to wait. If your opponent does not show up, post in the forums to indicate you were online at the agreed time. Do check back 10 minutes later to see if there is any response. If you will be unable to commit 30 minutes to wait before starting your match, indicate this in the MD thread when initially agreeing a scheduled time.

Unplayed Matches

23. If no information regarding scheduling from either coach is posted in the MD thread a 0-0 draw will be issued.
24. If both coaches offer acceptable scheduling windows (at least two opportunities of weekday evenings / daytime or evening weekends) a 0-0 draw will be issued.
25. If one coach has failed to post availability in a timely manner or has offered an insufficient scheduling window their opponent will receive a 1-0 win with 2 MVPs. You are expected to post by Thursday 23:00 UTC (or three days after the beginning of the MD) and offer at least two evening/weekend slots for your match.
26. If one coach does not show up at an agreed time and the match cannot be rescheduled/played before the end of the MD their opponent will receive a 1-0 admin win with 2 MVPs.


27. Coaches can self-validate their match once it is completed. The result of a self-validation by both coaches is final.
28. If you wish to dispute a result or play within the match do not self-validate. Instead inform admins who will investigate the dispute. If necessary admins will ask both coaches for further information. If the dispute relates to the chat log please keep a screenshot of this for evidence.


29. Conceding is a valid tactic within Blood Bowl. However concedes must be declared to your opponent in advance. Your opponent can then complete a turn of their own before the concede occurs at the beginning of your turn.

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Re: WC Qualifier Rules

Postby Cerumol » Mon 2. Apr 2018, 07:22

Inducements question:

Was asked if inducements could be used (with not using full 1200 on team build or later in tournament). This is ok - exception is you may not use wizards in this tournament.

Skills question:

You may take 6 normals and ignore the double.

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